Tremain Brown, esteemed artist, producer, director and visionary. From an unlikely childhood, Tremain has always seen the world through an objective perspective, which has always allowed him to see past the superficial. Worldwide producer and creator, Tremain is always giving his hand where others refuse, helping other artists not only find a home for their work, but helping in completing their work as well. 

A family man first, Tremain’s true canvas is the world itself, having experienced international film distribution and partnerships, Tremain has turned his attention into the essence of art, as a form of expressive iteration. Producer, Director and Actor in the international film company, he established with Stained Vision, having produced projects such as the Don of Dons, The Empty, Drunk in Love, POV, Lipstick and Bullets and the Stranded among many others, Tremain is also a writer and a humanitarian. 

His body of work consists of his personal observations within the world and hopes that through this very art, he can establish a sense of perspective for others.